Guidestones – Conspiracy Thriller Premieres on Hulu

Does a Mysterious Monument in Georgia Hold the Key to Humanity’s Future?

New York, NY [June 11, 2012] – Duopoly announces the US premiere of the groundbreaking original series Guidestones, now streaming on the free, ad-supported Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service at Produced by iThentic and 3 o’clock TV, Guidestones is a murder mystery based on the real-life enigma surrounding the Stonehenge-like Guidestones monument in Elbert Country, Georgia. The series has been nominated for a Banff Rockie Award and “promises to raise the bar for the web series genre,” according to Wired.

Guidestones was created in two versions: a 50-episode “push” version, which launched in February at and a 34-episode “linear” version, which premieres on Hulu and Hulu Plus today. The series was produced in association with the Independent Production Fund (IPF) and the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), and with the participation of the following brands and sponsors: Pizza Pizza, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Major League Baseball, Karbon, William F. White Intl. and Toronto Blue Jays.

Guidestones was created and directed by Jay Ferguson and produced with iThentic. The series takes viewers deep inside the mystery of The Georgia Guidestones, a mysterious monument nestled in a farmer’s field in rural Georgia, and inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. By following clues hidden in each episode, viewers can solve the mystery of The Guidestones, along with the main characters, in a race against time that crosses two continents and three countries.

Using his skills as both a dramatic and documentary filmmaker, Ferguson has created a high-speed international chase full of fictitious events blended seamlessly with reality-based facts. The gripping narrative includes both fictitious and real characters and events, as well as real and “seeded” web and multimedia content. Viewers can search online to discover hidden video, audio files, apps and other media — some of which are real, and some not.

Shot vérité style in the US, Canada and India, Guidestones combines scripted drama and documentary-style narrative and stars newcomers Supinder Wraich and Dan Fox and stage/screen actors David Fox and Rosemary Dunsmore.

Duopoly is an independent film, television and multi-platform content company founded in 2002. Duopoly productions include the Gemini Award-winning comedy series Pure Pwnage for Showcase and the original comedy series Papillon, starring Kevin McDonald, for Bite TV. Duopoly is a Hulu content partner and has released a number of successful series on the platform such as the award-winning animation series Odd Job Jack and Chilly Beach.

3 o’ is an entertainment production company that focuses on original, high quality, serialized content for distribution via the Internet and through mobile devices. The company is based in Toronto, Canada and led by award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer, Jay Ferguson.

iThentic is an online video content production and distribution company headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in New York City. Launched in 2006, iThentic is carving out a place for independent filmmakers on digital platforms by aggregating, producing, and distributing the very best in independently produced content. The company is backed by three engaged and prominent shareholders: eOne Entertainment, Canada’s largest entertainment company, the founders of iThentic LLC (led by Catherine Tait), and Smiley Guy Studios, an award winning animation and new media studio. Smiley Guy Studios is the operating partner with Jonas Diamond as CEO and Catherine Tait as Chair of the company.

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